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Effective key generation for multimedia and web application

posted Feb 04, 2011 14:47:41 by KushalSudhakar


The Effective key generation for multimedia and web application’s is used as the core component of many web and multimedia applications such as pay-TV, teleconferencing, real-time distribution of stock market price and etc.
The main challenges for secure multicast are scalability, efficiency and authenticity. In this project, we propose a scalable, efficient, authenticated group key agreement scheme for large and dynamic multicast systems. The proposed key agreement scheme is identity-based which uses the bilinear map over the elliptic curves.
Compared with the existing system, the proposed system provides group member authenticity without imposing extra mechanism. Furthermore, we give a scalability solution based on the subgroups, which has advantages over the existing schemes. Security analysis shows that our scheme satisfies both forward secrecy and backward secrecy.

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