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posted Feb 04, 2011 16:08:38 by KushalSudhakar

Implementation of BPCS-Steganography
Steganography is a technique to hide secret information in some other data (we call it a vessel) without leaving any apparent evidence of data alteration. All of the traditional steganographic techniques have limited information-hiding capacity. They can hide only 10% (or less) of the data amounts of the vessel. This is because the principle of those techniques was either to replace a special part of the frequency components of the vessel image, or to replace all the least significant bits of a multivalued image with the secret information. Our new Steganography uses an image as the vessel data, and we embed secret information in the bit-planes of the vessel.

This technique makes use of the characteristics of the human vision system whereby a human cannot perceive any shape information in a very complicated binary pattern. We can replace all of the “noise-like” regions in the bit-planes of the vessel image with secret data without deteriorating the image quality. We termed our Steganography “BPCS-Steganography,” which stands for Bit-Plane Complexity Segmentation Steganography.

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AnupamKumar said Nov 27, 2012 08:53:10

What is the password for this rar file??

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