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InsidePro Extreme GPU Bruteforcer v1.8.1

posted Feb 05, 2011 06:27:49 by KushalSudhakar
The software recovers passwords from hashes of different types using GPU.

To launch the program, pass the following command-line parameters to it:

1. Name of the INI file with attack settings. This parameter is not mandatory, since by default each EXE module uses the INI file with the name identical to the module name (for example, "MD5.exe" will use settings from the "MD5.ini" file available in the program setup file). However, you can create several INI files with different attack parameters and feed them to the program one after another.

2. Name of the text file with hashes. The format of hash lines to be observed: "one line = one hash". The program setup file includes evaluation files with hash samples. This parameter is mandatory
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